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When the mouse is also intelligent, voice recognition and translation are easy to get, mice
Release Time:2022-4-14 11:43:22
The mouse is one of the two main input devices of the computer. If there is no mouse in the desktop, the operating efficiency will be greatly reduced, and even many things can not be operated. Although the notebook has a touch panel, the operating efficiency is also very low. Today, the types of smart products are constantly enriching, and now, the mouse has also appeared in intelligent products. This is the mouse intelligent voice mouse S I will share. This is a mouse with ten smart features and is a wireless mouse.

Mimo smart voice mouse S's packaging box design has a classic style, which perfectly incorporates the appearance of the mouse into it. The upper left corner is marked with mice.

Open the box, you can see that the mouse smart voice mouse S is stable in it.

Mimo Smart Voice Mouse S The packaging box contains: Mimo smart voice mouse S ontology, charging cable and instruction manual.

Mimo Smart Voice Mouse S is 113*58*36mm, the thinnest is only 23mm, and the weight is only 82 grams. Comfortable, and this appearance design is also very portable, suitable for the crowd of travel office. Mimo Smart Voice Mouse S's palm bracket is designed with a mouse brand logo. In terms of keys, in addition to the common left and right keys and roller wheels, there is a small button on the outside of the left button. It is the voice button. This button can be used to type and voice control. Double -click to open the mouse navigation website. The outer button of the right -click is the translation button. Long press can translate the voice. Short -press can be translated with words.

The back of the mouse intelligent voice mouse S is designed with a mouse brand logo. There are arc -shaped foot stickers on the top and bottom. The left side of the sensor is the Micro USB charging port, and the right side is the mouse switch button. I think the charging port design It is a bit inconvenient in this position, and it will be more appropriate to design on the side of the mouse. There is also a storage compartment cover below.

Rotate the storage compartment cover against the time, and you can see a receiver hidden inside.

This receiver is NANO type, exquisite and small, does not take up space.

The charging cable is Micro USB. If the charging interface and wire are designed as Type-C, it will be better. After all, the Type-C interface is the mainstream.

The receiver of the mouse intelligent voice mouse S is free of charge. If it is installed on the notebook, the system can automatically recognize and install the driver quickly.

The flat and small mouse intelligent voice mouse S, the feel is not as good as the mouse, but compared to other mouses that are also portable, the mouse smart voice mouse S holding feel is still very good.

Although the mouse intelligent voice mouse S is best used with mouse pads, some relatively smooth materials, Mimo smart voice mouse S is not well supported, and the operation is easy to produce errors.

Although the Michel Smart Voice Mouse S is free of charge, some of the intelligent functions need to be implemented with exclusive management software.

After the installation is completed, there is also an introduction to the process, which is done well.

After installing, there is a mouse LOGO icon below the taskbar. Right -click the icon to appear a function menu.

First of all, you must register your account and log in. This can only be used like picture recognition, personal hot words, and document invoice recognition, and this software still has member classification. I am currently ordinary members. The number of pictures is only 30 times.

If you click on the mouse LOGO icon, the function menu will appear. The mouse is the control function by default, that is, voice control, and some functional operations are performed by voice, which is very convenient. Typing is a voice input text, which is very easy to use. The translation function is also a function often used by people with bad English levels, and Mi Rat Intelligent Voice Mouse S is more powerful in this feature, supporting 200 types of language translation.

The voice control function needs to be long and press the voice key, and then I say "open the word". After the management software of the mouse, the Word program in the system automatically opens the system. Of course, due to the variety of systems and software What we want may be different. For example, I said "new blank document". After Word is opened, I want to create a new document for input, but for a computer, it will open the browser to create a blank page. This requires the manufacturer to continue optimization in the later period, and at the same time, I also need to explore more how to use it.

In addition, I can quickly turn on the webpage through voice control, recognize high accuracy, fast response speed, and the experience is very good.

The function of voice input is what I am looking forward to. Mimo Smart Voice Mouse S is entered 400 words per minute. The accuracy rate of recognition is as high as 98%. It supports Chinese and English input, and also supports Cantonese, Sichuan dialect. , Looking forward to supporting Minnan input. I tested it, the identification is indeed very accurate. This feature will be very easy to use when I don't want to type. For example At this time, if there is a voice input, there is no problem. In addition, the elderly who do not use the keyboard like my father and mother, and for the elderly who are not very OK in Pinyin input, it is more convenient to use the mouse smart voice mouse S to enter.

I remember that there was a product failure before, and then after -sales was abroad. The Chinese party did not know it at all. In the later period of communication, the communication was Chinese. Then I went to the online machine to translate English, send emails, and then email the other. Then I went to the machine to translate it into Chinese. Lianmeng guess. If there was a mouse intelligent voice mouse S at that time, where it would be so troublesome, I casually said the Chinese "Tomorrow is Saturday", which is very accurate and quickly translated. This function will be used in the next way, because Black Five is about to arrive. At that time, it must be a wave of sea. It may be necessary to communicate by the mouse intelligent voice mouse S.

OCR graphic identification is a powerful feature of Mickey Mouse Smart Voice Mouse S. This function must be logged in to the account to use, and I have a free account, only 30 times. I took one of the pages of the instructions first, and then sent to the computer. The "screenshot" controlled by the voice control command, let the mouse smart voice mouse s take a screenshot, and then select the range of the screenshot, and then select from the functional bar below. After the "seal identification", soon, the content on the picture all turned into text and displayed on it. This function is powerful, and I read it, the accuracy of recognition is very high.

In addition to the above functions, Mimo Intelligent Voice Mouse S also has smart functions such as Chinese and English bilingual broadcast, smart subtitles, gesture recognition, personality command words, etc. The function can be said to be very powerful, and it is used. For office, it is very Big help.

The voice keys and translation keys of Mimo Smart Voice Mouse S are designed in the left and right keys. In my habits, I often mistakenly touch it. This is a bit inconvenient for me. I still need some time to adapt to it. Essence I think these two keys can move from the left and right sides to the inside, so that when the fingers are naturally straightened, the left and right keys are pressed. When the intelligent function needs to be used, the smart buttons are reduced, which may be more convenient. At present, this problem can be solved through my own attention and spending time. Overall, I am very satisfied with the mouse intelligent voice mouse S. Such a powerful and rich smart mouse has never been seen before. Use the keyboard problem to make the elderly easily surf the Internet. I think this is great. Now the annual Double 11 is about to start, and the mouse intelligent voice mouse S also has corresponding preferential activities. Interested friends can prepare
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