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China's power chip research and development has obtained major breakthroughs
Release Time:2022-4-14 11:43:17
Recently, the charging head network was learned that Zhirong Technology, a power chip company from Zhuhai, announced that its SW3518 fast charging chip was successfully mass -produced. This chip has the following characteristics:

1. Complete protocols: The USB-C port supports USB PD, PPS, Apple 2.4A, QC2.0/3.0, FCP, SCP, AFC, PE, VOOC; protocol;

2. One core dual power: the same as the USB-C port. When the 24V is entered, it can output 60W (20V 3A) power at full load. When 12V is entered, 36W (12V 3A) can be seen. Small PCBA implementation of high -power output is rare;

3. Rich in application fields: Smart Rong SW3518 typical application cases include car charging, adapter, multi -mouth charging, plug -in board, wall charging, etc.; Built -in rich protocols are suitable for enthusiast DIY transformation.

It is worth mentioning that Zhiguo is one of the first two fast charge protocol chips authorized by OPPO. At present, this fast -charging chip has been shipped in batches, and the application products will be listed recently.

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